Is this site getting too long and starting to be a hassle to scroll?

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  1. r-o 5 years ago

    long page makes it a hassle for mobile viewing. that is all…

  2. patrick 5 years ago

    would prefer one photo per post + a ‘for more pictures click here’ button or something. gives you a better overview of all the content of the page and makes finding posts easier. just my 2 cents though (:

  3. Hugo 5 years ago

    The longer the better!

  4. Marcus 5 years ago

    Thank you fellow blog readers that you also love the blog as it is! Scrolling is a mini christmas moment, you never know what you find! Keep it, P!

  5. Author
    admin 5 years ago

    @ reno, the mobile plugin should kick in to shorten the pages i think.

    @patrick, yea i did that for a while but it meant I had to click a few more times when posting to add it, and you have to click each time to view a post too.. Considering going back to it again though as it does shorten the overall page a lot..

    @hugo, hahahaha

    @marcus, i reckon thats the best compliment i ever heard for a website, cheers.

  6. Marcus 5 years ago

    Great! :-)

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