Derestricted Dot Com – DDC. New logo

Derestricted Dot Com – DDC. New logo

Figuring out a way to make the word derestricted into a nice logo has been eluding me for all of 10 years. The word is just too long. The story behind it goes like this. I had a scooter back in the day in London and it was slow as hell. I got it derestricted and after that it was then pretty dam fast in the city traffic. It was at the same time as I was looking for a domain to register to use as a portfolio website and it just seemed perfect. At the time. Anyway, back to the annoyingly long part, today I had the idea that why not just use an abbreviation of Derestricted. Dot. Com. DDC. So, henceforth will be represented by this or a variation on this DDC logo. What color for the site though? Take your pick.

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  1. zacher 6 years ago

    hmm looks like ispo paid off haha

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      deeper than that, snowboarding paid off. Riding MX as a kid got me into this shit I guess (gear, GFX, industrial design of the bikes), but Snowboarding really set that love in concrete, from graphic design, product design, motion GFX to advertising. Still one of the best ads to this day IMOH is the peter Line ad from like 97 of him in a picture caught jerking off to snowboard and porno mags looking back over his shoulder with a big tub of lube on the table and his snowboard next to him. haha. Something like that, was a long time ago. anyway, yea seeing good design is always inspiring. One of the reasons i do DDC. Hope to inspire.

  2. ma 6 years ago

    No.3 is what I voted for…got the most classy look I think

  3. ma 6 years ago

    I voted for number 3, grey and red are very classy together

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