BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

BMW’s new Vision ConnectedDrive concept will debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2011.


  1. Ian 7 years ago

    check the other sketch they released vs. one from sasha selipanov a couple yrs ago,, someone’s getting fired at bmw right about now…

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    true, that’s thieving, they jacked his rims!

  3. Mark J 7 years ago

    Not only did they jack the rims but the whole sketch is drawn over and modified. Bit stupid for the designer and company to allow this to get published. Especially when the designer put their name to the sketch! I think a bollocking is in order there.

    Enjoying the blog Piers when I get a moment to check over it.

  4. GORS 5 years ago

    I think that you´re a little bit dramatic.

    It´s obvious that J. Blasi used sasha´s sketch as base, but the final design is not plagiarized or a copy at all.

    Often designers use photos of real cars as base to trace and draw faster. It´s different of to use a picture of a real car that use a picture of a sketch if you only want a base? I think that it´s the same in some way, althought the second can seem a little more unethical. I think that the important thing should be to create a new design at the end and I think that J. Bali did. But it´s true that if I was Selipanov I´d get angry like him…

    Designers are not illustrators (althought more of them are a great illustrators also).

    But what is totally true is the fact of to publish that sketch is not very smart…

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