Arrick Maurice – Ducati Monster 1100 R

Doesn’t look quite as good from the other side, but still a very nice motorcycle. Great website too. Arrick Maurice – Monster 1100 R

The build comes from Ducati’s North American Market, Brand Manager – Arrick Maurice

Pure bike porn


  1. Dan Lichtenstein 4 years ago

    Who makes those timing belt covers? Very nice! Great looking bike.

  2. สวยมากเลยคับ

  3. สวยมากเลยคับ

  4. Mostro Doucat 4 years ago

    That is a sick bike!

  5. Mostro Doucat 4 years ago

    That is a sick bike!

  6. David Lindell 4 years ago


  7. David Lindell 4 years ago

    So I've had this bike as my desktop image for a while, and tonight I decided to look up a little more about it. It's a 2011 Ducati Monster 1100R owned by Arrick Maurice, the brand manager for Ducati North America. And after looking over the list of modifications and then pricing it all out, I've discovered that my dream bike will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of about $30,000. Now accepting donations via PayPal at :)

  8. David Lindell 4 years ago

    …since I assume the NSA is able to view this, I will just throw it out there that I'm quite sure no one would care if thirty grand were to suddenly be PayPal'd out of an NSA slush fund. Just sayin'. :)

  9. Dan 13 hours ago

    I love the monster from 2009-2014, to me the best looking one. That bike is absolutely incredible.

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