78th International Motor Show, Palexpo-Geneva

78th International Motor Show, Palexpo-Geneva

Well, I have just got back from the Geneva Motor-show where I saw a hell of a lot of beautiful cars, but none that seem to really address any of the serious issues facing the world such as peak oil and other resource depletion. Most bizarre car of the show award has to go to the Lotus conversion which can drive underwater at 3mph and does 65mph on land. Not everything James Bond does is cool.

Sickest paint job was on these Tech Art cars

I love this Renault concept car too.

Still my favourite car even though it is a few years old now, the Lambourghini Gallardo.

The Honda cr-z

Coolest new car? The KTM Xbow of course!

This mazda TAIKI concept car had amazing curves

Serious bling

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    ptsp 10 years ago

    Oil just passed 105 dollars a barrel for the first time today…..

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