2013 KTM SX-F Sketch

2013 KTM SX-F Sketch


There is a really nice feature in the latest Cross magazine (MX magazine from Germany) on Roczen’s new bike, also showing the original design sketch we did at Kiska so I thought I would share it with you too.


  1. NeoGeniX 6 years ago

    I personally like the 2011 tank plastics better but still a beautiful bike!

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    yea, I thought that too initially, I have the 2012 150sx: http://blog.derestricted.com/motorcycles/sometimes-i-love-austria-ktm-150-sx-2012-free-november-ride/
    Was harder to do the gfx for it this year than last year as the area for the gfx are so thin, but this new version is really growing on me somehow.

    nice site by the way man.

  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about! That screams out for some 17″ Alpina’s, some Michelin slicks and a day off! Good work fella

  4. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    a lot of people at Kiska and at KTM were involved in this one in terms of direction of the physical 3D design and the reasons behind it. I just worked on the GFX for the production version, not the race version.

  5. Patrick 6 years ago

    yeah I prefer the 2011 plastics too :) I wonder why…

  6. NeoGeniX 6 years ago

    For me its the sharp lines that I prefer, the 2012/13 tank plastic is less pointy in the front. The rear number boards I still like because they still have the pointy end.

    @Admin: I love your site and visit it everyday. I love motorcycle design and I am also a graphic designer. Tried to get in touch with you about my site but couldn’t find your contact info ;)

  7. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    @Neo, my contact details are under the about link at the top. Maybe I should add a contact link too though.

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