2013 KTM EXC 6 Days – Germany. UPDATED

Out of all the bikes we do each year at Kiska, my favorite project is often the KTM EXC 6 days edition. Not only can we spec the bike with loads of nice powerparts and custom bits as stock (custom laser etched 6 days bars, black laser etched 6 days rims, black spokes, silver nipples, orange anodized triple clamps etc etc) but the GFX are always fun to do too and a rare chance to use some other colors than orange! The reaction to last years EXC 6 days Finland bike was really positive so I tried to keep some of the same visual language with this years bike to make it look like a natural progression.

photos by Barbanti

The GFX were a little tricky because the bike needed to be distinctly German but without evoking some of the more negative connotations which have been associated with German national imagery from the past. We went for a metallic gold rather than the lighter yellowy gold you see more often on the German flag and mixed it with the KTM offroad Visual language to create this years flagship model of the KTM EXC line and one of my favorite bikes we worked on this year. First person to send me a photo of of one (not photoshop) pimped out with Supermoto wheels wins a free t-shirt : )

Action photos by Kiska / Rudi Schedl

More info on the bike here.