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Henry’s comments on the Le Mans post below got me thinking. It’s not a new problem, dealing with the difference between what we would like to happen and what will happen. Between reality and fantasy. Between our everyday lives and our dreams. Finding balance.

As anyone who has been following this site for a while now knows, I think we are heading for a long, long period of irreversible decline, due largely to Peak oil and it’s multitude of effects.

We are in the dawn of the second half of the oil age when production and everything that depends on it declines. We have used up half of 2 billions years worth of accumulated energy reserves in only 150 years, which has allowed the rapid expansion of almost everything, fueled by cheap energy flowing from the ground.

There will be times when it looks like things are getting better, but as the worlds resources fail to keep up with the needs of people and the demands of economies designed only to grow, we will head into a long term downtrend.

Eventually there will be complete paralysis in this fragile modern system we have built up, as the oil supply to run it declines below what is needed.  We are in the first stage of this now, as the oil supply failed to keep up with demand last summer and the oil price spiked, (also due to speculators like GS) breaking the back of the already over indebted consumers (man, I hate that word for people) of the world. Exponential growth is an Impossibility on a finite planet.

Now the dilemma is that I obviously don’t wish for this to happen, I love Motorsports and I love driving cars. I love almost everything about cars and Motorcycles, always have done, but after years of research I cant see anyway out of the predicament we are in save for some miracle invention.

So whilst I think the remaining oil would be better saved for essential services and use in medicine, fertiliser, petro agriculture and even plastics, than being burned and sent into the atmosphere, I cant help but retain my love of motocycles, cars and motorsports. Just because there is a difference between what will happen and what I would like to happen doesn’t mean the two have to be mutually exclusive. I accept both.

Whatever happens, whatever the speed of decline over the coming decades, the world will keep spinning on it’s axis. Until it doesn’t.

Change is inevitable.


  1. PJR 9 years ago

    Henry and Piers’ comments on LeMans as well as my trip there last week got me thinking…I really would like to get a Chevrolet Corvette z06. 7l V8, 505hp, 200+mp/h. I am even thinking about getting a big bore kit and increasing the displacement by a liter to 8. How many more years do we have until we have to plug all cars in a socket Piers? Until then I will hand GM my personal bailout check and try and change the axis speed of the earth, 2/Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Z1s at a time…

  2. HH 9 years ago

    May I point out that my comment was a quote from a previous blog on here!

    I would go one further and get the ZR1 – just that little more hardcore and may help to speed up the earth’s rotation.

  3. PJR 9 years ago

    …fine choice HH, but also 6+ figgaz…the euro is strong, but not that strong…

  4. Billy 9 years ago

    Masta P…the General needs your bailout money stat…and you need 505 hp of American muscle to terrorize the roads of Italy with!

  5. PJR 9 years ago

    …emphasis on terrorize BD…have fun at Infineon…P

  6. ptsp 9 years ago

    Get it matt black, mad max steeze. Mad p.

  7. HH 9 years ago

    Get it in white like Face’s from the A-Team! He always had chicks in hot pants climbing in and out of that thing.

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