Computers 1 – humans 0

Computers 1 – humans 0

Phoned up the American embassy in Berlin to try to find out how to get a tourist visa for my little 7 month old @ 1.85 euro per minute: “hi we have a rescheduled flight to America tommorow to visit my mother who has a green card and both my wife and I have visa waivers but apparently our baby can’t get a visa waiver due to his passport not having a chip, how can we get him a visa today?” ” sorry sir you can’t have an appointment for a visa on the same day you schedule it because the computer has to run security checks.” Me, ” we are talking about a 7 month old baby, how on earth could he be a security threat?” Robot man, “sorry sir there is nothing we can do, the computer system won’t let us and the next emergency appointment is on Jan 3rd”.


  1. KT 7 years ago

    und jetzt??

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      Heading over on my own today:(

  2. joshua 7 years ago

    did you make that call from a satellite phone? those rates are outrageous. i hope you get some decent weather where ever you are going in cali.

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      Haha na that’s their standard rate for telling you they can’t help. Guess they need to pay for the expensive computer systems.

  3. Robin 7 years ago

    That sucks big time. I’m going to buy a t-shirt.

    Damn them.

  4. Curtis W 7 years ago

    When I was working shitty jobs through college I briefly had one working for this company called Vangent. You know… that one that is subcontracted through the Department of State to provide support for passports and visas via the National Passport Information Center (the people with whom who probably spoke). Probably wouldn’t know that because you could more than likely comb over the entire website and not find any mention of it, nor do the customer service reps make any mention of that fact. But it does provide a great example of the incentive structure that is created for the employees when the Department of State provides their paychecks and not people applying for passports. They could give a shit that you didn’t get your visa documents in order, only that they follow the government regulations to the t. Not once did I hear a coworker mention how absurd some of procedures were. Just another corporation getting theirs.

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