Opel Rak-e EV concept

Opel Rak-e EV concept

I’m not really a big fan of these small, conceptual electric vehicles, but this thing looked pretty dam good when it was finished, sitting in the studio here. Been working on a video showing the design and build process behind it which should be up after the Frankfurt motorshow.
More info on the car here.


  1. Andy Charlton 6 years ago

    That is pretty cool. seems very narrow so im assuming it leans into the corners somehow, hence the round profile bike tyres?
    I’ve always thought that the way to solve long term traffic problems is to half the width of vehicles to almost double the flow on the road.
    people would ride bikes more in the uk if the weather was better or more reliable, so a halfway Bike/car with that sort of leaning mechanism would be ace fun and keep non biker types dry.
    Recon that would do well in england if the electric gets cheaper! ha ha….yea….

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    yea, it has some attractive benefits, but i would just feel too self conscious driving along in it i reckon. I drove an electric 3 wheeler around for an hour last year and felt like a proper freak. WOuldnt mind a scale model of it for my shelves though.

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