Stealth Electric Bike With FMX Rider Ronnie Renner: Upside Down & Inside Out, Ep. 11

As a father to four kids who travels the world competing professionally, Ronnie Renner doesn’t always have time to jump on his KTM and go for a ride. Luckily Ronnie has a Stealth Electric Bike in the garage! These bikes are insane! Lightweight, low maintenance and easily stored in the garage they provide Ronnie with a perfect opportunity for a quick adrenaline rush. Watch Ronnie rip around behind his house hitting speeds of 50 mph through the trails, around berms and over small jumps. Ronnie even hits the BMX trails with his son and fellow KTM rider Ken Roczen! We want one!


  1. Mark Smith 3 years ago

    check it!

  2. Geoff Giles 3 years ago

    so sick….

  3. Geoff Giles 3 years ago

    Check this out Greg Milano

  4. Greg Milano 3 years ago

    I want one!

  5. Greg Milano 3 years ago

    I need one of these

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