Run Your Car On Water

Run Your Car On Water

Stan Meyer invented a hydrogen fuel cell that converts any automobile to run on tap water. Unfortunately, he never saw his invention reach fruition as he was killed shortly after this documentary was made.


  1. kenson 9 years ago

    from Wikipedia: “Stanley Meyer died at the age of 57 after eating at a restaurant on 21 March 1998. An autopsy report by Franklin County, Ohio coroner William R. Adrion concluded that Meyer, who suffered from high blood pressure, had died of a cerebral aneurysm.[6] Conspiracy theories persist, however, that he was poisoned, and that oil companies and the United States government were involved in his death.”

    We’ll never know hey…but it won’t suprise me they actually killed him off.

  2. admin 9 years ago

    Yea, it’s interesting for sure. In the 2nd part of that documentary he talks about how he receieved death threats and how the Saudi’s offered to buy all rights outright for a billion dollars…

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