Transition bandit 29er – mini review and photos

Transition bandit 29er – mini review and photos

It took a while but the stars were eventually maneuvered into alignment and a Transition Bandit 29er ended up at my door. I wanted a bike which was fun to go up on as well as down and after ignoring 29er’s for a while after reading a lot of negative comments about them I finally read a full review on one and the phrases “makes it easier to go uphill” and “faster on the flat” made me think again about the whole 29er thing.

This is pretty much the stock build, I just swapped the bars and added some pedals.

The bars I put on are 710mm but I am going to switch up to 750mm for more stability downhill.

After a few short rides I managed a 55km ride yesterday up and down the sides and all the way around a big mountain here and I have to say this bike is wicked. Not sure about making it much easier to go uphill, you are still the engine after all, but the bike flies downhill. It only has 130mm travel but with the big wheels It felt as much as on my old 160mm bike. Absolutely flew over anything I pointed it at. Caught some nice air and it soaked it up no problem. Some comments I read said 29er’s were not as maneuverable but it felt great to me on the tight single-tracks as well as rocky rooted downhills. Mega stable, light and yea, it wasn’t too bad going uphill either. In fact it’s probably the easiest bike I have ever pedaled uphill on. 10 speed on the back, 2 in the front. So far, well impressed with it.

Big thanks to R107 bikes for giving me a good deal on it and for the fast delivery. Hit them up if you want one yourself. Also big thanks to BT.

I originally had a green one on order but on the recommendation of R107 bikes I switched to this Pewter color and am really pleased I did as the finish on it is superb.

Kashima coating. Smoother than butter.


  1. P, you may have inadvertantly become partly responsible for my savings taking a hit! Since seeing your bike I can’t stop researching and window shopping for 29’ers!

    • ptsp 6 years ago

      That’s good I think, isn’t it? Haha. It’s a great bike. I did a seriously steep rocky narrow off camber trail down a mountain this week and it was the first time I felt I might have been better off with smaller wheels an more travel but it was also i think because i had too much air pressure in My tyres. High psi is Good for long trips, rubbish for technical slippery rocky root fille downhills. Apart from that it really excels everywhere.

  2. lindsay mcpherson 5 years ago

    Man what a wild bike all the angles look right.i was considering a trance x 29er 1.Looking at the transition bandit 29er.Makes the choice for my next bike all that much harder.

  3. Hans Kristian 5 years ago

    I’m looking at this bike as my new weapon for next season, but was thinking of the green one. Why did they tell you not to go with that one?Just because of the looks? Your bike surely is a looker though, looks slick as fuck.

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Well, my friend sells them so looks at them all the time and just thinks this one looks better. I think it looks better too :)

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