Specialized @ Eurobike 2011

Specialized @ Eurobike 2011

Out of all the bikes I saw I think this would possibly be my top choice for a bike for DH to replace my Commencal.

The trouble is, with a kid it’s hard to find time to ride nowadays, so the more I think about a bike like this Epic above, the more It appeals to me as I reckon I would get a lot more seat time in. last year I hit the parks at least 15 times, but this year I have only managed to ride 3 times. There are a lot of downhill tracks around here, all about an hour away which is not so far, the trouble is they ARE too far to go to at lunch or after work, whereas on a bike like this I would actually consider cycling UPHILL as well as down, meaning I could take advantage of all the trails around here. Guess I better start trying to save some money, also not easy with a kid. Actually thinking about it, the amount these bikes cost nowadays, I guess I better start saving some money for a bike for him too!

Pretty cool to see the design file from Troy Lee for this demo 8 11.


  1. Dunc 6 years ago

    The ‘adventure straight out the door’ kinda bike makes alot of sense when you’re time starved – I’m hankering to race BMX again but the distance to a track to practice is a non- starter in the spare time I’ve got.

    I reckon the streetmoto thing is the same deal too – you get the buzz straight away rather than having to get to a track or ride to a trail.

    Great photos – got me giddy for my next project :)

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    Yea, better to get some riding than none. Partly why I got a duke instead of an MX bike.

  3. Dunc 6 years ago

    The Holy Grail of two wheels is probably the ‘quiver’ – pick and choose what you want to ride that day.

    Possibly only achievable when we’re 60+, retired, paid off our debts and unable to actually turn a pedal….

    Tricked up mobility scooters it is then :)

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