MTB GoProHD ride SBG

MTB GoProHD ride SBG



  1. Stef 7 years ago

    dude thats me. but thanks for sharing!

  2. Craig 7 years ago

    hehee.. good old Gaisberg.. Peirs, you won’t believe this but I’ve been riding a new Gaisberg trail over the last few weeks.. until now it’s remained a bit of a secret! I have to say, I am shocked at how good it is. Have to show you one day :) The great thing is that it is real nice and knarly, and drops you out down at salzburg level… no roll back from Koppl or road sections to link up trail. I put it at the top of the Salburg trails.. :)

  3. marco 7 years ago

    hehe, craig and his mystic secret trails, now i am curious too… happy weekend guys!

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