Graham Agassiz’ Burly Qualifier GoPro Run – Red Bull Rampage 2015

Red Bull rampage is kicking off in 5 hours. Link to watch it live below!
Hit the trail with Graham Agassiz in the video above as he rips down his burly line during the qualifying round of Red Bull Rampage 2015.

When Claudio Caluori arrived at the Rampage venue on Sunday, he felt intimidated. When he climbed to the start gate on the mountain’s peak, he was terrified. By day two, Caluori was literally crouched on the razor edge of the top ridge, paralyzed by fear. Luckily for us, he overcame his demons and took “the easiest line down the mountain.”

Darren “The Claw” Berrecloth’s Qualifying run!

Watch it live here:



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