First ride Gaisberg 2010

First ride Gaisberg 2010

Got dropped off at the top of the mountain (thanks Jule!) above Salzburg after driving for 5 hours back from lake Garda this evening. I have spent the last 2 weeks slowly building up a new bike together with my friend Craig (thanks for the help dude!) and was so excited to see the sun shining again after several weeks of solid rain. Rode around at the top for a bit getting a feel for the bike, and then bombed down the back all the way back home. Man that Commencal is wicked! Never ridden such a good bike before and after some small suspension tweaks it rode like a dream. No photos on the ride down, but Jule got some of me making sure everything was screwed on properly at the top. So nice up there, so thought I would share the photos.


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