Autumn ride X-Bowl arena stegenwald – 2012 KTM 150 SX

Autumn ride X-Bowl arena stegenwald – 2012 KTM 150 SX

After reading this review of the 2012 ktm 250 SX on the motocross action website, I changed the compression damping on my 150’s forks to 9 clicks out (stock is 12) and on the shock to 12 clicks out (stock is 15) and it was a huge improvement, didn’t bottom out once and still soaked up all the small bumps and gave much better traction. Also gave me a better boost when I hit the jumps.

Feeling more and more comfortable on the bike but my fitness still sucks.

Simon taking the leap of faith on his old Husqvarna. Needs the back brake round about this time, but after swapping bikes for one lap and almost binning it on the first corner, I can tell you his bike pretty much doesn’t have one. Or a front brake either! He landed ok anyway.

this kids KX was ridiculously nice, I think the only part he left stock was the frame. Rode pretty good too.


  1. zacher 7 years ago

    hmm whish i could have come with you guys… bummer i wont be able to ride still

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    you will be riding before too long man. In the meantime, set your bike up with those suspension settings on mxa, they really improve the handling.

  3. Marcus 7 years ago

    Hey P, That looks great!! Didn’t know you were sucha a high jumper! :-)

    Guess you don’t regret switching bike at all on days like this one?


  4. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    yea, its super fun, really miss my Duke though, want to try to get another one eventually if i can save some money.

  5. L... 7 years ago

    Where is the Gopro footage? I wanna see you jumping!

  6. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    ah, mislaid it somewhere, not sure where it is. Might be over with riding for the year now though i guess as winter normally arrives around about now. Feels like summer today though so maybe another chance to ride.

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