A Weird World?

A Weird World?

I havent posted anything in a while so felt like sharing a few thoughts and links that have crossed my path recently……

Since I went on holiday the markets seem to have turned on their heads, especially Oil, Gold and the US$, and more than a few have been stung by it.

Some people think the recent military action is the beginnning of the end while, as often, there seems to be more and more going on than meets the eye….

Last night I listened to a couple of students near me in a pub discussing whether it was justifiable to kill 6 Billion in order for 1 Billion to have adequate resources to live on…is it? Is that even a legitimate discussion?!

Meanwhile people just keep on spending stupid money on houses, including this one just along the coast from where I was on holiday… or this extra ordinary converted church I photographed recently, on the market for an unlikely £3m…

Or this Behemoth, on for £10m…

So in the wider world, are certain groups really still intent on provoking war?

Its easy to let it all just overwhelm, so I’ve been going here and dreaming of simple pleasures and next winters snow….

However, its clear that the months between now and when I actually get out of both this creaking industry and this stinky cynical city are going to be one hell of a ride…..


  1. ptsp 10 years ago

    Interesting post bro, but I wouldnt believe everything on Rense. There is a certainly a growing disparity between the super rich and everyone else. As for the end of the world, the world will be here long after we have gone I imagine. Civilisations have risen and fallen since the start of man, and perhaps there is a changing of the tide right now but I wouldnt worry about the end of the world.

  2. ptsp 10 years ago

    Having said the above, this Reuters article published today seems to support a lot of what Rense wrote.

    Not to mention the Armada heading there in order to support the introduction of House Resolution 362, which “demands” that the US president make strenuous efforts, “prohibiting the export to Iran of all refined petroleum products; imposing stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and cargo entering or departing Iran”.

  3. lsp 10 years ago

    For sure you have to take a lot of Rense with a pound of salt, but he does seem to pick up on some things quicker than a lot of other media…
    Yea when I said the end of the world, I obviously meant the end of civilization as we know it. The world will keep on turning long after we are all dust….

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