’78 Yamaha SR500 – Neil Donoghue

’78 Yamaha SR500 – Neil Donoghue

Spotted this on Neil’s Instagram and he was kind enough to send me some bigger photos. Always dig nicely restored SR500’s.

Hi Piers,
Here are a few shots of my ’78 Yamaha SR500, my first bike project.

I have ridden MTB and Motocross for years but just now getting into road motorcycles/ cafe racers.
The bike has taken me about 4 months to finish. It was an ebay ‘bargain’ coming as a rolling chassis and a few buckets of parts.
Plenty of welding, drilling, grinding and re-tapping and i have a street tracker.

Custom seat
Very ratty paint job- rattlecan and hammerite
New custom electrics
Hagon shocks
Retro looking Conti tyres

Now looking for another SR project!

If you live in the Uk: Neil offers mountain bike skills coaching to riders of all levels.
From beginner to expert, cross country trail centre riders to downhill racers.



  1. Rich Morgan 6 years ago

    Bloody love it!

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    It reminds me of a whippet

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