2011 Commencal Supreme DH

2011 Commencal Supreme DH

I ride a Meta 6 from Commencal which is their all around freeride/DH bike. I have pimped it out a bit with some more downhill oriented components so it is better in the parks here but I do ride some uphill and cross country on it too which is why I went for the Meta 6. If I was purely riding parks however, one of the top choices would have to be the Supreme DH.

The new Commencal Supreme DH Mk3 is a very different beast to that which went before. A lower centre of gravity, completely redeveloped linkage design and a fantastic attention to detail all help it to set it apart from the three year old Mk2 with ease. In development for nearly two years the intention will no doubt be for it to continue with the winning ways under the helm of the Athertons. VIA.


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