1976 Kawasaki Z750 B1 – Spirit of the seventies

1976 Kawasaki Z750 B1 – Spirit of the seventies

Based on a 1976 Kawasaki Z750 B1; stripped back and lightened with a shortened subframe, lowered at the front (18’ front wheel) and new adjustable shocks to improve the ride. Pirelli dirt tyres add to its classic street-scrambler character.



  1. Andy Charlton 7 years ago

    i recently sold my z650 as a basket case for 175 quid. when i saw the green z1000? you posted the other day i felt a twinge of regret but thought that things move on and as the project had ground to a halt the money was good in the bank. now ive seen this, i’m positively gutted.

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      haha, dam, i would have paid more than 175 quid.
      I wonder how many hours went into it. Guess it’s quite a lot of work, but they sell em for way more than my duke cost! I like it a lot, but for that money I need at least brembos and WP. Still, guess this is about just cruising and lookign dope, which is fine : )

  2. Andy Charlton 7 years ago

    yea, although the brakes on the old z were pretty good compared to the other models of the time.
    sounded lovely and smooth power delivery too.
    probably the value comes because the 750 twin is really hard to get hold of now, tis really cool tho.
    lovin the tyres, they look like mt43’s mmmm my fave!

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      man, i was barely born in the 70’s when they came out, got my first bike, a little italjet 50cc scrambler for my 4th birthday in 1980, and promptly drove it straight into the side of the house and knocked myself out. doh. :)

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