1973 factory porsche 911 RSR

1973 factory porsche 911 RSR

Longtime friend and fan of -273 opened his garage and let us have a peak at his mint 1973, 2.8 Carrera RSR.

One of only 55 produced, and last to have all matching numbers and in original, concourse condition, he recently turned down a $1.2m offer for it.

Arguably one of the most revered 911s of all time, the Fuchs wheels alone are a work of art, no longer available, and valued at more than a second-hand BMW M3.  To get your hands on a replacement, 10,000rpm tacho, will probably mean you need to part with your Rolex Daytona.  And you don’t have to be a mathematician to calculate what 300bhp and 975kg will equate to on the road.

This epitome of form follows function and testament to power-to-weight ratio, has recently humbled some Porsche 917s at a Brands Hatch revival and become a fan favorite among 911 connoisseurs.

note the twisted rev counter.


  1. d-nut 8 years ago


  2. koskesh 8 years ago

    …sicka than a redneck trucka…

  3. Didde 8 years ago

    Damn it, it never got better!!

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